An electrical arc flash is a systemic electric peril that can result in extremely risky electrical and fire mishaps. To conduct an accurate arc flash risk assessment of the device, you need some assistance in meeting the NFPA and OSHA standards for arcflash risk assessments and abatement.

Here enters the need for you to reach VB Engineering. We are a forerunner and collaborator in arc flash risk assessment for more than 500 international enterprises.

VB Engineering’s Strategies For Arc Flash Risk Assessment Levels: 

Level 1: Digital Automation And Simulations

For the arc flash risk assessment, we require comprehensive information about the electrical infrastructure. VB Engineering’s crew is skilled and knowledgeable in gathering the information needed for arc flash and power system studies.

To guarantee that the arc flash electrical safety assessment yields the finest findings, our data gathering and digitalization team will be highly cautious in recording every aspect of the electrical installation.

Our professional staff will come to the client’s site after notifying you in advance. They will gather the necessary information panel-by-panel, such as the incoming service voltage, voltage magnitudes, device-rated current, transformer grades, and cable diameters. To decrease latency, we digitize the data and make it concurrently available to the back-end crew.

To increase the quantity and calibre of the data gathered, VB Engineering employs the smartphone app VB Tantra, a digitizing and data-gathering tool created in-house. The customer may review the information in real-time on the cloud as well.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Level 2: Monitoring and Evaluation

VB’s back-office personnel then verify and digitize the data obtained for the arc flash study report after it has been generated. We have a department devoted to comparing the data gathered with the real site circumstances.

To evaluate gathered data with photographs taken, our quality and inspection group will collaborate with the customer, data collecting team, and data gathering group. To guarantee its accuracy, the data is subjected to many levels of verification. 

Once the customer has authorized the data, VB’s engineering team begins creating the technical model of the data in the customer's preferred software for the complete assessment. To estimate short circuit elements, such as flaring short circuits and soldered short circuit values in the system, we conduct power system studies on the integrative framework.

Our group will research the system's defence concerning the channel's breakdown and load metrics. Every bus will have irradiance values calculated using an engineering model, and we're going to conduct a thorough arc flash analysis following the most recent IEEE 1584, NFPA 70E-2021, OSHA, and NEC requirements.

The comprehensive results of the arc flash study report encompass incident energy values, shock hazard information, approach boundaries (such as limited approach boundaries and restricted approach boundaries), arc flash boundaries, working model information, and short circuit values.

Level 3: Outcomes and Suggestions 

VB has extensive expertise in providing arc flash analysis and helped establish the evaluation requirements in keeping with IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E regulations.

The arc flash boundaries, incident energy values, personal protective equipment, and approach boundaries necessary for arc flash safety are calculated as a consequence of our turnkey solutions for arc flash analysis service.

According to global standards, we create unique safety warnings and arc-flash danger labels. We draught and carry out work permits following NFPA 70E regulations, provide arc flash training materials, apply arc flash warning labels, and designate the limits of arc flash approach areas with thorough arc flash reports.

In keeping with the incident energy determined by the system, our thorough arc flash research report also advises that operating personnel wear arc flash personal protective equipment.

Our arc flash assessment exercise will guide the customer toward an electrically safe work practice with responsibility and security. To build a strong safety culture inside the network, VB Engineering assists the customer in developing a personalized arc flash safety program.

VB Engineering’s Version Of Arc Flash Risk Assessment:  

By studying the system following IEEE-1584 and NFPA-70E regulations for arc flash danger levels and according to international norms, we at VB Engineering can provide professional arc flash study reports or consulting services to clients throughout the world.

Our knowledgeable staff performs arc flash analysis at your plant following the most recent regulations. Under the incident energy determined by the system, our thorough arc flash research report also advises that working people wear arc flash personal protective equipment. The arc flash boundary information and their variations for different people are also included in the study.

You can escape from extremely risky systemic electric peril by employing VB Engineering.