Electrical voltages and currents known as harmonics on an electric power system can result in poor power quality issues. And harmonic distortion has been an increasing worry for maintenance personnel, users of automation technology, and engineers due to the potential for machinery and appliances to glitch or crash in the presence of extremely high harmonic voltage and/or current levels.

Although a factory or office won't be unable to function in the vicinity of harmonics, the extent of the effect will depend on how much the power supply can handle and how sensitive the machinery is to harmonic distortion.

It’s time for you to gain a deeper insight into the harmonic analysis service supplied by VB Engineering following the IEEE standards.

Harmonic Analysis 

VB Engineering To Locate And Resolve Harmonics: 

Finding harmonic aberrations in the electrical distribution system can be done through VB Engineering’s harmonic analysis. Even the turnkey options for harmonic analysis services are offered by VB.

The power system harmonic analysis services are effective and affordable to meet the demands of customers. Here, we must locate the harmonics' basis and inhibit them to provide a high-quality power supply.

VB Engineering’s Methodology: 

Stage 1: Harmonic Metrics

VB Engineering is an innovator in the realm of power system harmonic analysis to ascertain power harmonic distortion. Both hardware and software are available to our knowledgeable internal staff for power harmonic analysis and measurement.

Harmonic workloads are most frequently produced by variable-speed motors, rectifiers, arc welding, and many more. Following the plan, our exemplary team will visit the infrastructure and use a harmonic analyzer, also known as a fluke, to capture the necessary data.

The whole electrical distribution system, from the main supply to all of the load locations, may be examined with VB Engineering’s harmonic analysis service. 

Stage 2: Harmonic Analysis  

Using the recorded data collected on-site, we conduct harmonic analysis power system investigations.

The electricity supply study will employ the gathered harmonic distortion information and the electrical single-line drawing to identify the harmonics in the power system.

Our professional back-end staff shall retrieve the information once the Fluke instrument has captured the data needed for the harmonic analysis to carry out a scientifically valid analysis following international standards.

In energy systems, both the linear and nonlinear loads related to the distribution networks are calculated using harmonic analysis in conjunction with load flow analysis.

As mentioned earlier, with adherence to IEEE-519 international standards, every analysis in VB Engineering will be performed on reputable electrical system software ETAP/SKM.

Stage 3: The Design And Installation Of Filter

In light of the power system's observed harmonics, the harmonic analysis is done to identify electrical harmonics and power harmonic distortion. We'll assess the electrical system's anomalies and harmonic generation level.

According to the harmonic study, electrical harmonics will be fully investigated, and a way of reducing electrical harmonic distortion will be found. We even provide filters to handle the harmonic issues discovered by electrical system harmonic analysis.

After our back-end staff has finished diagnosing the system issues, we consider harmonic therapy or resolution. We create detailed reports with graphs that show the harmonic order, harmonic spectrum, and harmonic waveform.

To prevent harmonic currents from propagating against other loads, VB Engineering always favours the best technical and financial approach of supplying filters close to the loads.

VB’s Affordable Solution For Power Harmonic Distortion: 

One of the most prevalent and bothersome concerns in an industrial setting is power harmonic distortion. To provide a reliable supply of electricity, harmonics must be suppressed at their source.

For investigations involving harmonic analysis, VB Engineering employs IEEE-519 standards to find harmonic aberrations in the electrical distribution system, which is done through harmonic analysis. These analyses take into account the worst-case scenario of operation, which produces harmonic distortions that exceed standard levels.

To properly conduct a scientific investigation following international standards, remember that VB Engineering will be there for you to analyze these harmonics at numerous places throughout the system.