Internet service providers, or ISPs, will always be in search of more economical, effective methods to offer their services to clients, much like businesses in other sectors of the economy. But only progressive providers like VB will see, forecast, and analyze the huge potential of VOIP and GPON. One of the most recent editions of the passive optical networking system is GPON.

By using optical fibre connections to send data from one location to several other endpoints, or "point-to-multipoint," VB Digital Nexus makes use of this network architecture. Its three major parts—an OLT, or optical line terminal; a passive splitter; and an ONU device, or optical network unit—are in charge of transmitting and receiving the required signals.

VB assures that the OLT delivers a signal over a fibre optic cable to the passive splitter to provide internet to end customers. Our GPON splitter will then receive the signal and separate it into up to six separate signals before delivering each one through a different wire. Finally, these signals reach ONUs designed for VB’s GPON that are located in businesses, homes, or streets in single-family residential zones.

We assist our consumers in connecting to the wireless network by guiding them in plugging their modems into this ONU device. From there, users may make internet calls, watch material, and work from home.

VB Digital Nexus Products

VB’s Ethernet Switch: 

An essential piece of network gear for connectivity and the internet is the VB’s Ethernet switch. For cabled devices, such as PoE lights, PCs, IoT devices, Wi-Fi access points, and servers, to interact with one another and with the internet, they must be connected to VB’s Ethernet switches.

A range of industrial Ethernet switches from VB is capable of operating well in challenging situations and weather. We have created and produced premium industrial switches that perform well in harsh environments.

Establish a dependable Ethernet infrastructure with enclosures made for the harshest conditions and increased temperature constraints. Our industrial Ethernet switches are used in a variety of industries, such as security operations, intelligent transportation systems, automation processes, and power and utility facilities.

The majority of networking devices that we are all familiar with need a network cable and a power wire to function and be "connected to" the network.

VB has created and manufactured industrial-hardened PoE Ethernet switches, which just need a standard PoE network connection to provide both network activity and power to the PoE devices. As a result, there will be less cabling and less of a chance for electrical shorts, which will make the units more dependable and robust, enable a quicker deployment, and guarantee vital uptime.

VB’s Ethernet Switch Benefits: 

VB’s PoE switches have several advantages.

● Cost savings is the first and most evident one. 

● Both the deployment process is made simpler and there are fewer cables and power outlets. Adaptability or simplicity of deployment are factors similar to price.

 ● Another advantage of VB’s PoE devices is power management, which allows them to accept power and assign that to other PoE networked devices to reduce power generation and consumption and, consequently, save you cash.

 ● In contrast to the expense and effort involved in running electricity and an outlet to the same spot, placing a PoE switch outdoors on the side of a concrete structure, for instance, would be simple because the power is conveyed in the cable.

 ● Finally, it connects with other PoE devices, enabling your PoE devices almost future-proof by assisting to save money and providing necessary power when additional features are connected.

The VB’s switch line offers exceptional electrical and mechanical qualities while ensuring the flexibility of your Ethernet network architecture. For high-end applications, switches in a variety of architectures, both managed and unmanaged, are offered.

VB’s switches are perfect for applications that need to be cost-effective but don't require technical capabilities like redundancy. For small to moderate-sized networks, VB will be perfect.