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Arc Flash Risk & Safety Compliance requirements in Philippines

                   The Philippines -Arc Flash Study Standards                                         Requirements The Republic of Philippines, being one of the richest in Southeast Asia poses a great prospect for growing industries and emerging markets. With exemplary industries in  Petrochemical, oil and gas,  manufacturing and exporting of Electrical Machinery, Electrical Equipment, shipbuilding, Automotive manufacturing plants, Pharmaceuticals Electronics and Semi-Conductors as the mainstay the Republic of Philippines has a consistent growth paving the necessity of Electrical Engineering Services to be harbored. Equipped with experts team, VB Engineering provides several Engineering services, mainly Electrical Engineering.                                                                                            Arc Flash Accident VB Engineering is a globally reputed electrical services company rendering its services mainly on Arc Flash Study. The Arc Flash safety is a very cri

Arc Flash Boundary Calculation

In facility and factories safety electrical risks play a major role. There is no place that doesn't have an electrical risk in the plants. But all the risks need to be identified and quantified to take appropriate safety measures in the system. Arc Flash Risk or Arc Blast is one such kind of risk which people experience in plants quite often. the below video demonstrates quickly how dangerous the arc flash accident can be. In the above case, a very important factor is Arc Flash Boundary which is not supposed to be crossed by the people without arc flash personal protective equipment.    What is Arc Flash Boundary: Arc Flash Boundary or the Flash Protection Boundary is the safe distance a person should maintain from the live electrical system. NFPA 70E clearly states that a person should not cross arc flash boundary without the respective arc flash PPE determined or calculated for that electrical system. People generally do not understand the grave risk in arc flash accidents and ke

Airport Simulation and Capacity Evaluation Studies

  Globalization has changed the world you look at and work with it. it has connected everything to everyone and made the world more simple.   This has made a greater impact on airports and air travel globally. An airport is an operational system comprising of a framework of infrastructures, facilities, personnel that collectively provide a service to a customer, who is the traveling passenger.  An Airport serves a complex set of needs because they are: - A point of interchange among different means of inland transport (such as road and rail system) and the air system; - A service center, because it must provide the necessary services for ticketing, security checking, baggage handling, boarding, deboarding, documentation for control of passengers and goods; - A point of connection between arrivals and departures, since it must ensure an easy transit from a system of continuous arrivals, which is passenger flows to a system of discrete events, which are the scheduled flight arrivals and

Arc Flash Warning Labels in Arabic Language

 VB is the first company in the world to launch Arc Flash Labels and Risk assessment in Arabic Language. "Customer-Centric" has always been the approach for VB. When it comes to #safetysolutions this is more important and serious.  Aiming the #safetyforall , VB has now taken the #Arcflash safety to next level by launching the Arabic Warning Labels for #ArcFlash Safety. We are proud to announce that we are the first company to do the #ArcFlashRiskAssessment in #Arabic and deliver the #warning #labels also in Arabic ensuring the safety reaching the locals also. The safety reaching the gross roots only ensures safety for all. Safety is everyone's right. Language shouldn't be an eligibility for it.