What are Common Electrical Hazards at Work Place?

  It is very important to understand your workplace and the available hazards or risks in the place. We have to ensure that our workplace is safe and personally take responsibility for keeping it safe. You might be working in developed nations like the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK, United Arab Emirates Kuwait, or developing countries like India, Brazil, the Philippines, or any other nations. Irrespective of the country your workplace is located it's the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe working environment as per OSHA regulations and the responsibility of the employee to understand the available risk and follow the rules and apply the risk-mitigating techniques as per the international standards and regulations. The main hazards of working with electricity are electric shock and  burns  from contact with live parts. Injury From exposure to arcing,  fire  from faulty electrical equipment or installations. Electric shock   Exposure to Arc-Flash Exposure to Arc-Blast

Arc Flash Risk & Safety Compliance requirements in Philippines



       The Philippines -Arc Flash Study Standards                                 Requirements

The Republic of Philippines, being one of the richest in Southeast Asia poses a great prospect for growing industries and emerging markets. With exemplary industries in Petrochemical, oil and gas, manufacturing and exporting of Electrical Machinery, Electrical Equipment, shipbuilding, Automotive manufacturing plants, Pharmaceuticals Electronics and Semi-Conductors as the mainstay the Republic of Philippines has a consistent growth paving the necessity of Electrical Engineering Services to be harbored. Equipped with experts team, VB Engineering provides several Engineering services, mainly Electrical Engineering.


                                                           Arc Flash Accident

VB Engineering is a globally reputed electrical services company rendering its services mainly on Arc Flash Study. The Arc Flash safety is a very critical part of oil and gas especially. Arc Flash is a phenomenon of Flashover caused between the conductors when the air gap between them gets ionized resulting in an explosion releasing a large amount of heat that may bear severe consequences on the operating personnel as this heat can vaporize the metal and send a blast of plasma and molten metal in all directions. In the Republic of the Philippines where the main source of Electrical Energy is Geo-Thermal Energy such as Arc Flashes in the facility may result in a much higher degree of damage than anticipated.


The role of an Arc Flash Analysis is not underrated. We have offered our services to several industries at Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City, Bulacan, Makati City, Taguig City, Manila with considerably satisfied clients. Arc Flash Event may be caused by several reasons such as mistakes on the operating personnel side, operating conditions, maintenance of the switches, etc. To mitigate the Arc Flash, and the eventual damage to the equipment and harm entwined to the operating personal a periodic and systematic Arc Flash Analysis is essential.


Arc Flash Study Consultants and Arc Flash Companies in the Philippines are to carry out the Arc Flash Risk Assessment abiding by the OSHA Arc Flash Study requirements the Philippines. At VB Engineering we comply to the OSHA, NFPA 70E Regulations in the Arc FlashRisk Assessment with Arc Flash Study cost complying to the facility and the client. Arc Flash Study Cost is influenced by several factors such as the size of the facility, Electrical equipment involved, Data Collection, Incident Energy (IE) calculation, frequency of Arc Flash Occurrence, Necessity of training the operating personnel, and the like. We try to give as economic a solution as possible without compromising on the International Standards.



Arc Flash Risk assessment is necessary in every industry in calculating the incident energy that may cause potential damage. VB Engineering is one of the few Arc Flash risk Assessment Companies in the Republic of Philippines. Our esteemed clientele across the Philippines in various cities like Caloocan, Davao City, Cebu have had Arc Flash Study conducted at their facilities and have undergone Arc Flash Training for the operating personnel, providing the required PPE, Hazard labels indicating the safety measures of the operation of various switches, safe operating distance, amount of incident energy calculated with the contemporary technology abiding with the national and international standards.Make your choice for Arc Flash Analysis companies in the Philippines. Contact VB Engineering for Arc Flash Study at your facility.


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