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Saudi Arabia -Arc Flash Study Standards Requirements

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its rich oil and natural gas reserves is considered as the "energy super power". It thus stands as the largest economy in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is also expanding in industries like construction, industrial gases, cement , metals, fertilizers, electrical power transmission and distribution, plastics,  commercial ship and aircraft  repair. A commercial space or an industry, the main matter of  concern is the provision of  work safe and well maintained working environment. An usual assumption of electrical safety is that electrical accidents are occurred  from electric shock, but many practical cases reveal that rather than the electrical shocks fatality and severe accidents occur more due to an Arc Flash.  
Arc Flash Accident
Arc Flash Accident

                           Arc Flash or simply Electrical Flashover is the release of extensive heat and energy caused by ionization of air around the conductors. High amounts of heat up to 1500 degrees Celsius which can melt and vaporise the metal sends a blast of plasma and molten metal damaging the equipment and severely injuring  the operating personnel. The severity sometimes even reports death. These mishaps can be reduced with necessary safety measures and guidelines suggested by a systematic study of the facility, loads connected, operating conditions. An  Electrical Arc Flash Analysis with consideration of the OSHA Arc Flash Study Requirements provides the above requisites.  

Arc Flash Risk

                  Arc Flash Study is a series of steps involved so as to ascertain the Incident Energy at various points in the facility, Arc Flash Risk Assessment Companies play a vital role in any industry in the arc flash risk assessment and Arc Flash Analysis. It is stipulated that an Arc Flash Analysis be performed periodically and with a minimum of 30% of increase or decrease in load. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and International bodies of standards like NFPA, IEEE, OSHA insist that the above Arc Flash Risk Assessment standards are met. Arc Flash Analysis Companies like VB Engineering perform an  Arc Flash Study basing the calculations and the guidelines proposed by IEC-60079-17,  IEEE-1584, NFPA 70E, OSHA 29 CFR 1910. 
Arc Flash Boundary

                      Electrical Arc Flash Analysis helps to identify the load points that are most likely to have the possibility of an Arc Flash. By a substantial process and long-serving professionals, VB Engineering offers its services in Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Arc Flash Analysis. With ever changing technology the company has to be ahead in terms of operation and safety operating conditions. The trending methods of analysis  using SKM Power Tools, latest technology, sophisticated software enable us to calculate the Incident Energy(IE)  which is an important factor and also which varies with the facility where it is calculated. A general misconception is that a PPE can protect the operating personnel. But the fact is that Arc Flash protection requires a PPE that is carefully selected based on the data provide by the Arc Flash Risk Assessment company. Also a common presumption is that the Arc Flash Hazard Labelling is to be provided by the manufacturer and not the employer at the facility. Basing the Study report Arc Flash Training is given by the Arc Flash companies. With Arc Flash Training the workers are educated on the safe operating distance, identifying hazard labels accurately,  immediate measures to be taken in a situation of Arc Blast, coordination of protective equipment etc. Training the operating personnel proves to be one of the rime ways in mitigating  the Arc Flash  accidents. Being a pioneer in Arc Flash Study Companies VB Engineering proposes Arc Flash Study Report and Suggestions with a modest Arc Flash Study Cost that is acceptable by the facility without lagging behind in the standards of International Standards regulatory bodies like  NFPA 70E Section 130.5 (H).
Arc Flash PPE

                        VB Engineering has a pool of well satisfied clients among other Arc Flash Study Consultants and Arc Flash Consultants in various industrial regions in the Kingdom like  Riyadh, Jeddah, Qassim, Sudair, Dammam, Daharan, Tabuk, Khobar, Assir, Shaqraa, Durma.  Mecca, Medina, Buraidah as the solutions and suggestions proposed are with a high expertise and a feasable Arc Flash Study Cost. For Arc Flash Analysis at your facility across Saudi Arabia, Contact VB Engineering.