Oman - Arc Flash Study Standards 

                                                 A highly industrial based country, the Sultanate of Oman, the contingency on Engineering services is inevitable. Oman possesses dominance over  industries like oil and gas ,Power plants, construction, fertilizers etc. And all these industries taking from their foundational state to its functional state requires engineering services .An inter-disciplinary engineering services and assistance is needed for a better operation of the industry. industries at Oman can now avail the services from VB Engineering, a well sought out Engineering Consultants that provide a number of Engineering services under various disciplines like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering etc.

        Arc Flash Accident

                                      In an industrial work environment, accidents are prone to take place whether by human mistakes, failure in control equipment, process or the equipment failure itself. As many of the processes are dependent on electricity they may cause other accidents too such as short circuit, Electrical arc flash etc. These accidents take a toll not only on the processes and equipment but may even have fatal effects on the workers within the vicinity. The Sultanate of Oman is concerned of these accidents and insists on the companies to implement better and safer working conditions. The highest concern being on electrical arc flash which may sometimes lead to other accidents like electric shock, severe burns due to the heat liberated, spill over of molten metal or any other chemicals that may cause damages . Electrical Arc Flash also known as flash over, is the discharge of electricity into the air between two charged conductors when being separated. The separation leads to the ionisation of the air between the conductors and the ionised path provides the arc sustenance requirements. Electrical arc Flash takes place in medium and high voltage utilities. 

                                The Electric arc Flash carries an immense energy which is released in a very short span of time and hence causes high amounts of heat energy around 15000 Degree Celsius. If this high amount of incident energy and the arc are not contained in the stipulated time, it may cause severe accidents. The Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER) is a working body at Oman to see that Electrical arc Flash concerns are properly addressed. AER executes inspections on industrial installations to check whether proper protective methods are deployed, labelling of the electrical arc flash hazards are set up, and that the operating personnel are using the required PPE so as to mitigate the accidents due to Electric Arc Flash.   The arc flash hazard boundary as per the international standards is 1.2 calories/cm2, the heat energy that results in a second degree burn to the operating personnel which can be cured. AER also follows the standards, IEEE-1584, NFPA-70E that specify the arc flash incident energy calculation methods, permissible working distances depending on the short circuit current. The short circuit current calculation, electric arc incident energy calculation basing on NFPA-70 E  for each equipment present in the facility, and  proper labelling are carried out by our team of well trained professionals at VB Engineering

                                    NEC, NFPA-70E, OSHA and AER insist that the facility managers get the arc flash study be carried out periodically or as and when there is a change of load by 30 % and that the record be maintained .Also the    employees are to be given arc flash safety training. VB Engineering deals with clients globally on Electric Arc Flash and is specialized in giving a detailed report on the arc flash study , the required PPE for each equipment as specified by IEC-60079-17,NFPA 70E, OSHA 29 CFR 1910, upgrade the previous records with the new results, detailed SLD , Arc Flash protection. 

                                        Arc Flash Protection includes that proper PPE is used by the workers for Arc Flash currents within the range of 16kA and 50kA, or a higher range of currents. Arc Flash sensors enable to obtain a quick response to arc fault. Arc flash detection design is a collection of an arc flash sensor and connector that detect and raise the alarm to ensure the arc flash accidents are mitigated.

Arc Flash PPE

                                                VB Engineering has a pool of well satisfied clients among other Arc Flash Study Consultants and Arc Flash Consultants in various industrial regions in the Kingdom like  Saudi Arabia,Riyadh, Jeddah, Qassim, Sudair, Dammam, Daharan, Tabuk, Khobar, Assir, Shaqraa, Durma.  Mecca, Medina, Buraidah as the solutions and suggestions proposed are with a high expertise and a feasible Arc Flash Study Cost. For Arc Flash Analysis at your facility across Oman, Contact VB Engineering.