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Hazardeous Area Classification & Myths

Hazardous Area Classification is a critical subject in the safety role. Most of the time it is confused with the activity and responsibility. This is a vital element that needs the EHS head's attention to ensure a safe operation in the plant premises. It is very important that both electrical and chemical expertise work together for hazardous area classification and eliminate the risk. Lets us carefully explore different myths and challenges in the Hazardous Area Classification. 1Q.What is the guidance on the classification of hazardous areas? During normal and abnormal operations, electrical and electronic equipment such as motors, generators, fuses, switches, relays, circuit breakers, transformers, solenoids, and resistors produce the amount of heat, arcing, and sparking that causes a fire or explosion in industries, factories, or other locations where chemicals are manufactured, processed, or used. Because of the presence of flammable, ignitable gases, combustible or liquid

Kingdom of Oman Safety Compliance Requirements for Arc Flash Risk

                                Oman - Arc Flash Study Standards                                       Requirements                                                               A highly industrial based country, the Sultanate of Oman, the contingency on Engineering services is inevitable. Oman possesses dominance over  industries like oil and gas ,Power plants, construction, fertilizers etc. And all these industries taking from their foundational state to its functional state requires engineering services .An inter-disciplinary engineering services and assistance is needed for a better operation of the industry. industries at Oman can now avail the services from VB Engineering , a well sought out Engineering Consultants that provide a number of Engineering services under various disciplines like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering etc.         Arc Flash Accident                                                 In an industrial work environment, accidents a