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What are Common Electrical Hazards at Work Place?

  It is very important to understand your workplace and the available hazards or risks in the place. We have to ensure that our workplace is safe and personally take responsibility for keeping it safe. You might be working in developed nations like the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK, United Arab Emirates Kuwait, or developing countries like India, Brazil, the Philippines, or any other nations. Irrespective of the country your workplace is located it's the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe working environment as per OSHA regulations and the responsibility of the employee to understand the available risk and follow the rules and apply the risk-mitigating techniques as per the international standards and regulations. The main hazards of working with electricity are electric shock and  burns  from contact with live parts. Injury From exposure to arcing,  fire  from faulty electrical equipment or installations. Electric shock   Exposure to Arc-Flash Exposure to Arc-Blast

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Safety Compliance Requirements for Arc Flash Risk

  Saudi Arabia -Arc Flash Study Standards Requirements The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its rich oil and natural gas reserves is considered as the "energy super power". It thus stands as the largest economy in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is also expanding in industries like construction, industrial gases, cement , metals, fertilizers, electrical power transmission and distribution, plastics,  commercial ship and aircraft  repair. A commercial space or an industry, the main matter of  concern is the provision of  work safe and well maintained working environment. An usual assumption of electrical safety is that electrical accidents are occurred  from electric shock, but many practical cases reveal that rather than the electrical shocks fatality and severe accidents occur more due to an Arc Flash.   Arc Flash Accident                            Arc Flash or simply Electrical Flashover is the release of extensive heat and energy caused by ionization of air around the conductor