The last line of defence against arc flash fatalities is arc-rated PPE, or personal protective equipment, which is worn by employees conducting maintenance on both electrified and de-energized equipment.

Achievement Formula for VB:

Industrial persons should wear VB’s arc flash PPE following estimated incident energy. All arc flash PPE classifications are supplied by VB. It includes an arc-rated face shield, an arc-rated hard hat liner, a hard hat, safety glasses, an arc-rated jacket, leather gloves, hearing protection, and leather work shoes.

We even offer arc-rated pants, arc-rated long-sleeve shirts, arc-rated coveralls, and arc-rated suits. VB provides personal protective equipment under OSHA and ASTM standards.

Arc flash PPE is arc rated personal protective equipment.

8 CAL/CM2: 

Flame retardant properties come with fabric by default. They provide the user flexibility of movement and are colourfast, absorbent, comfy, and durable.

Coveralls are front-opening styles with a single central zipper cover and flap. The coverall has a complete sleeve and four flapped pockets, either two on either side of the chest or two on either side of the front hip area.

Collars have a completely closed construction to give the wearer additional protection. Two pockets on the jacket and pants will feature velcro-closing flaps.

18 CAL/CM2 And 40 CAL/CM2:  

With a prominent hook and loop connection to a locking mechanism, the jacket is attractively intended to enable ease of movement.

Dual-coated NOMEX® wristlets with a hook and loop clasp will be included on the sleeves to stiffen the feet. At the waist of the pant, there is an elasticized hook and loop closure.

A centre-back zipper with a hook-and-loop closure at the crotch is offered. To make it easier to fit high boots, ankles include a hook and loop.

Detachable headwear will be provided with a visor that can resist extreme temperatures and is secured by strap ties. Hoods are an over-the-head wearing style and are equipped with a wide-angle window test and a pinnacle on the forehead for wider visibility.

VB’s Working Mechanism: 

Executing a power system analysis known as an "arc flash study" or "arc flash risk assessment" must be used to establish the type of personal protection against arc flashes that is necessary.

The incident energy at each panel will be determined via the Arc Flash analysis. The working employees can use this to decide which arc flash suits and arc flash PPE to employ.

The arc flash PPE classification begins with 8- or 12-cal arc flash suits and goes up to 40-cal arc flash suits for arc flash hoods. In addition to the arc flash PPE that is established by power system evaluations of arc flash risk assessments, there is also an electrical PPE.

Arc flash PPE should only be used by qualified arc flash service technicians once the facility has received its arc flash services. To protect the workers from serious injury or death, personal protection equipment is advised at each panel depending on the incident energy released when any defect occurs.

Industrial PPE is very different from arc-flash safety PPE. PPE is frequently employed in industries to safeguard workers on the job site against accidents. They shield against things like electrical shocks, mechanical operations, and civil construction. However, the usage of electrical arc flash personal protective equipment is restricted to situations when a qualified maintenance engineer is present.

VB’s Powerful And Economical PPE: 

VB Engineering Hyderabad provides Salisbury with Honeywell's Arc Flash Electrical Safety Products, a prominent supplier of personal protective equipment that complies with OSHA regulations and ASTM standards.

With advance notice, VB’s highly skilled electrical team will visit your location. Using the VB Tantra smartphone app, they will gather all the necessary data along with photos. Then, digitize the data so that it may be made simultaneously accessible to the back-office personnel for data confirmation and validation.

For data testing and evaluation, our committed back-end staff will work in conjunction with the local team. Once the data has been verified as being accurate, the required degree of protection may be determined by doing an analysis utilizing system software like SKM or ETAP power tools and obtaining equipment-specific incident intensities and arc flash boundaries.