Businesses currently spend over $350 billion annually on warehousing and inventory control systems, and that value is escalating. The infrastructure that supports fulfilment has grown to be a major area of competition in the eCommerce industry. Customers will do business with firms that can deliver their shipments fast and dependably. And one of the best inventory control systems belongs to WISTWIN.

Due to the rapid growth of e-commerce, the categorization of stock-keeping units is becoming more complex, and there is a growing rivalry to offer speedier delivery. It’s wise to opt for WISTWIN.

The WISTWIN’s Key:

WISTWIN believes that digital twins hold the key to enabling warehouse data-driven development. To begin with, a digital twin of a warehouse is an excellent testing ground for modifications that can boost productivity and reduce operating expenses.

Companies may design, model, and test new warehouse operations and product inventory movements electronically by building a digital twin of a specific warehouse instead of making impromptu modifications to already complicated locations.

Tracking your inventory is crucial at every stage, from getting up-to-date stock levels in certain locations to determining inventory valuation and keeping track of turnover. WISTWIN makes this crucial stage simple by making you track your inventory using a variety of systems that support serial numbers, barcodes, and other IDs.

Order synchronization, total visibility of your product life cycle, multi-location tracking, shortfall prevention, and effective inventory forecasting are all made possible by our inventory tracking.

In short, WISTWIN’s wise digital twin is a technology that has potential and a variety of uses that might be advantageous for warehouse inventory management and inventory optimization. It is anticipated that it will soon be a sector change-maker.

To maintain pace with or even acquire a competitive edge in the logistics business, it is necessary to investigate and evaluate suitable adoptions for your warehouse.

A Wise Digital Twin From VB Group™

A Digital Twin for a Data-Driven Warehouse:

The condition of the host item can be continually updated by WISTWIN’s digital twins. If asset conditions are monitored automatically and manual inspections are only necessary for certain circumstances, we can also save more human resources. Because they often run around the clock, warehouses are exceedingly expensive to close down for rearrangement and inventory optimization.

Leveraging simulation software, a warehouse may create a digital twin of its actual operations, incorporating stacking, sorting, automation, staging, collecting, put-away, and replenishment. WISTWIN functions exactly like the live operation and include all of the warehouse's limitations.

A data-driven warehouse WISTWIN’s digital twin elevates the operation to a higher level by enabling the digital twin to load real data sets from the WMS/WES/SAP and run predictive analytics on the warehouse facility. You may assess previous performance, enhance present operations, and more effectively plan for growth and future operations with the use of a data-driven digital twin.

WISTWIN’s Warehouse Data-Driven Digital Twin Perks:

You may design, visualize, analyze, and optimize a specific area of the warehouse or the whole digital twin of the warehouse from receiving to shipping with WISTWIN. We are the tool you need for modelling, simulating, and optimizing your facility. It uses a revolutionary multi-threaded simulation engine.

The perks of implementing WISTWIN’s warehouse data-driven digital twin include the following:

● Boosting warehouse productivity 

● ASRS, AGV, and STV for material handling or inventory optimization and fleet sizing capacity       management 

● Design and enhancement of conveyance 

● Facility design and layout

● Analysis of the distribution centre network

● Automation design and validation 

● Interaction between automated and human equipment capacity planning and scheduling

● Analysis and prevention of congestion

Seeking A Warehousing Partner Who Stays Ahead Of  Digital Disruption At All Times? 

A network of sensing equipment and software that supplies the raw data the twin is constructed from is required before you can create a digital twin of a warehouse. The moment is now to begin the transformation with WISTWIN if your warehouse isn't already "wise."

You may start using features like developing new warehouse spaces based on tested models and testing modifications before putting them into practice.

If you rely on WISTWIN, you can implement the best digital twin strategy. It can be a brilliant approach to enhance the operational environment of your internal business and the technological infrastructure of your fulfilment partners.

WISTWIN has competence in IoT and machine learning technologies. Dealing with inflow inventory management, just-in-time inventory, inventory forecasting, inventory sheets, and inventory optimization fall within our domain knowledge. We have used lean simulations to design more than 50 factories.

Email us if you're curious about a digital twin solution for your warehouse. We are indeed excited to talk about fresh possibilities.